Graduate Student Intake Policy

The Writing Center asks that all graduate students who are interested in one-on-one tutorials meet with the Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support, Eleanor Reeds, before scheduling an appointment. These meetings help determine the best plan for tutoring and the best fit with a tutor. Please stop by her office hours (Tuesday 3pm-5pm and Wednesday 10am-12pm in our Writing Center location on Level 2) or feel free to email her at to make an appointment.

We implemented this policy to better serve graduate students because the Center is primarily designed for and staffed by undergraduates. Graduate writing projects are longer and more complex than those for undergraduates, and we want to make sure that any one-on-one tutoring is tailored to these challenges. Meeting with Eleanor will aid you in finding a good tutorial match based on experience and field of expertise, and we can also schedule an appropriate number of sessions that takes into account the length of your project and your goals for it. In addition, we can discuss other services offered by the Writing Center or other departments that might complement a tutoring plan. These meetings, therefore, are an opportunity to ensure effective tutoring and to meet the unique demands of graduate writing.

Students seeking extended work on a large project may be better served by enrolling in our 5-week (no credit) seminar in academic writing for graduate students. We also offer several other services designed specifically for UConn’s graduate students, including retreats, and boot camps; please see our website and discuss these with Eleanor too.

We ask that you keep in mind that, rather than line editing and proofreading, tutorials are geared toward improving your writing skills and developing strategies to meet your writing goals. Graduate writers who need copy-editing services are encouraged to hire an editor. You can email for a list of local editors for hire. These editors do not work for UConn, and they do charge fees.

We look forward to working with you in the near future!