Overview of Grad Support

If you have any questions, please contact us at gradwriting@uconn.edu

Graduate students can find support at the Writing Center in four main ways:

  • Meet one-on-one with a writing tutor to get coaching on how to improve a draft. Grad students can make up to one tutoring appointment per week (and can walk in for more if we have availability). Before scheduling a session, grad students must meet with the Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support (Psyche Ready) for a brief intake session, where we will work together to determine reasonable writing and revision goals and then pair you with an appropriate tutor. This policy is in place to ensure that graduate students get the sustained support they need. For more information or to schedule an intake, see the Graduate Student Tutorials tab or contact Robert at gradwriting@uconn.edu
  • Enroll in a 5-week seminar in academic writing to workshop drafts of thesis or dissertation chapters, conference papers, journal articles, or other projects. Experience tells us that the sustained support a graduate student gets from a writing group inspires more writing and more revision than meeting with a tutor (details and dates on the Graduate Seminar in Academic Writing tab).
  • Attend a three-hour writing retreat, occurring every Monday from 10am-1pm (details and dates on the 1-day Writing Retreats tab).
  • Attend a 3-day long writing retreat, scheduled three times per academic year (details and dates on the 3-Day Writing Retreat tab).

What the Writing Center can do

  • Help you outline your project and create a revision plan
  • Give you access to peers and collaborators to talk through your ideas
  • Provide feedback on whether or not you are expressing ideas the way you intend
  • Connect you to writing seminars, print and online guides, and other resources

What the Writing Center cannot do

  • Edit an article or paper for you
  • Review your draft for grammatical errors
  • Serve as a substitute for advisor feedback

Psyche Ready
Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support
University Writing Center
University of Connecticut, Storrs

Office: Homer Babbidge Library, Level 2, Room 128
Email: gradwriting@uconn.edu