Written Feedback

The UConn Writing Center is researching a new Written Feedback service. These asynchronous appointments allow writers to participate in a remote dialogue with a tutor, receiving written comments and suggestions from a peer without meeting face-to-face or online.


Written Feedback appointments are recommended if

  • You feel comfortable clearly articulating your writing goals and concerns at the time you make the appointment
  • You prefer the asynchronous modality
  • Work or life obligations make it hard to commit to a synchronous session
  • You live in a time zone that makes scheduling a synchronous appointment difficult or impossible
  • Your internet connection is unreliable


Please note: Our Written Feedback service is not an editing service, and tutors will not make any changes to your writing. We will instead try to emulate a collaborative conversation, providing comments and notes based on the goals and concerns you articulate when you make the appointment. We will give holistic feedback on the whole document (usually in a few sentences at the bottom) as well as specific feedback on words, sentences, or sections using the “comment” feature in Word. We will also send you a Session Report (tutor note) after the session that will overview what we accomplished.