Graduate Student Tutorials


Graduate students can schedule up to one tutoring appointment per week.

Intake: All graduate students who are interested in one-on-one tutorials must first meet with the Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support for an intake appointment. (Online or asynchronous appointments available.) These meetings help determine the best plan for tutoring and the best fit with a tutor. Please email to make an appointment.

Why? We implemented this policy to better serve graduate students because the Center is primarily designed for and staffed by undergraduates. Graduate writing projects are longer and more complex than those for undergraduates, and we want to make sure that any one-on-one tutoring is tailored to these challenges. Meeting with the Coordinator of Graduate Writing Support will help you find a good tutorial match based on experience and field of expertise. In addition, we can discuss other services offered by the Writing Center or other departments that might complement a tutoring plan.


Grad students can meet with writing tutors one-on-one at no cost, just as undergraduates can, but are required to first have an intake meeting (see above). Please note that graduate students may schedule two sessions per week.

Tutoring sessions are 45 minutes long and can address a range of issues from generating ideas to considering audience to revising a draft so that it is clear and focused. Please see how our tutorials work to learn more.

Our tutoring philosophy is the same for undergrads and grads; tutors act as writing coaches and offer strategies to help the writer reach their goals for the project. This can include work on grammar, variation, clarity, and other style-related issues, but the Writing Center is not a proofreading or copy-editing service. Graduate writers who need copy-editing services are encouraged to hire an editor. You can email for a list of local editors for hire. These editors do not work for UConn, and they do charge fees.


Students seeking extended work on a large project may be better served by enrolling in our 5-week (no credit) seminar in academic writing for graduate students. We also offer several other writing productivity services designed specifically for UConn’s graduate students, including Grad Student Writing Accountability Retreats (1-day retreats, and 3-day retreats).

Robert Zatryb

Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support
University Writing Center
University of Connecticut, Storrs  

Office: Homer Babbidge Library, Level 2, Room 128