Working at the Writing Center

We have completed our hiring for the coming 2022-2023 academic year. The next opportunity to apply for a job at the Writing Center will be in February 2023 for tutoring positions beginning in fall 2023.

About the Jobw center

Our undergraduate staff are committed to writing across the disciplines, and to thinking about the ways writing works in and out of the classroom here at UConn. One-on-one tutorials constitute the most visible work of our Writing Tutors, and most of our tutors spend 8-10 hours a week leading individual sessions for student writers. Our staff are also involved in projects that stretch beyond the Writing Center, and often even beyond the Storrs campus. For instance, this year we worked with the students at Windham High School to create a dynamic writing center on their own campus; next year we’ll be starting a similar project at another area school. In short, we’re looking for good writers, good thinkers, and students who are willing to create and lead writing-based initiatives across (and beyond) campus. Pay is $14/hour.


Who should Apply?

Our current staff includes writers from political science, biology, nursing, international relations, economics, English, art history, and journalism. Take a quick look at our tutor profiles; many of our Writing Tutors have double majors, and a diverse set of interests and experiences. We’re looking for strong writers who are passionate about writing, of course, but also curious about the ways writing is part of teaching, part of student life, part of the ways this university understands itself both within and outside the boundaries of any one campus.


Responsibilities for new staff members

Tutors work 7-10 regular hours per week (including some evenings and weekends), but the job involves more than those regular shifts. Our full staff attends a mandatory two-day orientation before classes start in the fall semester.  First-year staff members are expected to take a one-credit practicum during the first fall semester of their appointment (practicum meetings will run approximately one hour per week). In addition, all our Writing Tutors attend monthly staff meetings, and occasional skill-building workshops. Some tutors opt to get involved in our research and outreach initiatives as well.