W Teaching Orientation

Join us for an overview of university-wide expectations for W courses and a discussion of pragmatic strategies for making writing-intensive courses across the disciplines more engaging, effective, and inclusive. All faculty and staff who are teaching any course that involves writing are invited to join us. This orientation is required for all graduate students who intend to teach or assist with a W course or lab.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 1-3pm, in person only in HBL 1102

Register for this session here: https://fins.uconn.edu/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=3033


Thursday, August 29, 2024, 10am-noon, in person only in HBL 1102

Register for this session here: https://fins.uconn.edu/secure_inst/workshops/workshop_view.php?ser=3034

The next orientation will take place in January 2025.


Before attending either the online or in-person session, please watch the following 2 videos:

1. Overview of W Course Basic Expectations: https://kaltura.uconn.edu/media/W+Teaching+Orientation+-+Dec+2022/1_bvmgd3fe
In here I refer to the W Course Guidelines articulated by the University Senate, which you can find here: https://geoc.uconn.edu/writing-competency/
2. UConn students reflect on faculty feedback: https://ritm.initiative.uconn.edu/narratives/



For those concerned about how ChatGPT and other AI technologies may affect your W courses, you can access a webinar Tom did this summer for the International Studies Association, which includes details from his summer 2023 W course: “Working with AI in Teaching Writing Across the Disciplines”.

In December 2023 UConn invited Lance Eaton to do a workshop on generative AI and teaching. You can find the recording of that here and his annotated slides here.

You could also check out how what we are doing with AI in Writing Center tutorials could inform how you treat it your courses. If focused just the academic integrity angle, you can get Tom discussed that on an episode of The Full Story (“AI All Around Us”) in May 2023.