Writing Center Promissory Notes

Graduate Seminars in Academic Writing
Submission of a $100 promissory note is required of all participants upon acceptance into the Graduate Seminar in Academic Writing. It will not be used if participants attend and participate in all seminar classes and activities. Otherwise, the Bursar’s Office will charge your account. Unforeseen circumstances that prevent attendance (e.g. sickness, bereavement, etc.) will be taken into consideration but need to communicated with the Coordinator for Graduate Writing Support. With advance notice, a make up session with the seminar leader can be arranged.

Graduate Seminar in Academic Writing Promissory Note


Writing Boot Camps
To create an incentive for you to keep the momentum going, we require participants in the Writing Boot Camps to submit a promissory note for $50. If you attend at least the first half of the days you have committed to, we do not use the note, making the retreat free. If you do not attend, the Bursar’s Office will charge $50 to your account and we will put the funds toward food and coffee for future retreats. Scheduled academic commitments do not count as absences but need to be communicated with the Grad Coordinator.

Writing Boot Camp Promissory Note