Graduate Writing Workshop Series

Instead of running our usual 5-week seminar on graduate academic writing, this spring we are hosting a workshop series covering common genres of graduate writing. All graduate students are welcome at these sessions and are encouraged to bring their own writing project to the workshop. Each workshop offers practical advice for approaching your individual writing projects.

Register below to find your own community of fellow graduate writers and have your writing questions answered! Don’t hesitate to email with any questions you have.

All workshops will be held on the first level of Homer Babbidge Library, room 1102.

***Workshop Tuesday, Feb. 20th will be in room 1101***

***Workshop on Academic Job Market Cover Letters rescheduled to April 18th***

Date Time Workshop Title Facilitators
Friday, February 9th 2pm-3pm Getting started: Motivation & time management in long-term writing projects Sarah Bertekap
Monday, February 12th 3pm-4pm Revising rhetorically: Using “mentor” texts to revise your writing Sarah Bertekap
Tuesday, February 20th 2:30pm-3:30pm Crafting article introductions

***Room 1101***

Tom Deans & Sarah Bertekap
Thursday, March 7th 3:30pm-4:30pm Taking your academic prose style from OK to impressive Tom Deans & Sarah Bertekap
Thursday, March 21st 2:30pm-3:30pm Crafting literature reviews Tom Deans & Sarah Bertekap
Thursday, April 4th 12pm-1pm Academic job market materials: Diversity statements Kathleen Tonry & Sarah Bertekap
Thursday, April 11th

***rescheduled to 4/18***

12pm-1pm Academic job market materials: Cover letters


Kathleen Tonry & Sarah Bertekap






Sp 2024 Grad Writing Workshop Series

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